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Hello, and welcome to Theology Simplified. Our mission here is to explore and explain theological concepts in easy-to-understand language. You might say we bridge the gap between the theologian and the everyday Christian.

  •  We want to help you better understand the Bible, especially what it says about God and how he relates to us.

  • We want to help you understand the various doctrines of Christianity (the Trinity, Christology, soteriology, etc.) so that you can make sense of them in your own life and apply them meaningfully to your relationships with others in church and society.

  • We want to help you apply these doctrines practically in your life (marriage counseling, public speaking) because we believe that Christian theology should be practical as well as theoretical.

Theology Simplified is a free resource that has been created to help Christians understand their faith better. As we do that, we tend to focus on three specific areas:

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All areas of Christian theology are explored and presented in clearly understandable language. Theology matters, and Christian believers should understand what they believe, and why they believe it. Believers should be prepared to both defend their faith when called upon to do so, and also to share it when opportunities arise.


Not all who claim to be Christian actually are. Some, unfortunately, are cults. We speak about some of them, and we share why they are false Christian religions, why they are dangerous, and how to avoid/escape them.


Among today’s popular Christian teachers and pastors, there are some who preach doctrine and theology that is clearly non-scriptural. Such false doctrine is to be examined in the light of Biblical truth, and those who teach it are to be avoided. We challenge such heresy here as well.

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I was raised in the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was born into it and I grew up in it. Looking back on my life, I can see that God was working on me all along. He slowly brought me out of the cult through His providence and grace. Because of this, I am able to look at the cult objectively, with knowledge and understanding.

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Here is where we post a weekly blog related to theology.


Our weekly podcast keeps you informed about doctrinal issues, comments on cult news, and warnings about heresy being taught in the name of Christianity.


Our weekly You Tube video presentations feature thoughts on theology.

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