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Welcome to our online store. Our desire is that your life be guided by God’s Word and not by tradition or human opinion. Our goal is to provide you with resources that will help you grow and mature spiritually in your Christian walk.

Our primary means of communicating with you is through our Ebooks. Found on Kindle, a new title appears at least once a month. Topics are covered in detail there. Recent subjects have included the Apostle’s Creed, Cult Life, Bible 101, and Shallow Christianity.

We have assembled over 50 years of combined experience in the areas of theology, apologetics, biblical doctrine and church history into one resource for your convenience. We hope you find it useful in your daily walk with The Lord and His Church!

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The Apostles Creed is one of the oldest and most succinct statements of the Christian faith. In this book we discuss each section of the Creed in detail. If you are Christian, you want to be familiar with the Creed!

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Not all religions who claim to be Christian really are. Here we discuss the characteristics of cults, why they are so dangerous, and we discuss several of the larger cults in more detail. If you have a loved one in one of these cults, this book will be invaluable!

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Here are the facts and details you need to know about the Bible, its history, its proof of inerrancy, and tips on selecting your personal study bible.

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What is the state of the church in America? Have we lost our way? Here we discuss how we measure up to first century Christianity, and how we can find our back.

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WE have prepared original and thought-provoking discussion designed primarily for men’s groups or for personal reflection. Each study contains theme scriptures, 10-12 discussion questions, relevant quotes from Christian thought leaders, and a leader’s guide. We have done the work for you!

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What Makes Christianity Unique?

Among the world's major religions, Christianity in unique. The book explores the world's five largest and most influential religions, and leads us to the inevitable decision that Christianity is indeed unique.

Porn and the Christian.jpeg
Porn and the Christian- does it really matter?

The great ugly secret in our society and even in Christian circles today is the use and addiction to pornography.. In this book we will discuss why it is a sine that must be resisted and indeed battled fiercely. We also discuss proven strategies for those determined to break free from a porn habit. Freedom can be yours!

Beware the Enneagram.jpeg
Beware the Enneagram

Many people including Christians have become enamored with the enneagram, as they seek to understand their personality types in the hope of improving personal performance and interactions. In this book we explore the origins of the enneagram, who developed it and how they came to develop their philosophy. You may want to explore the enneagram back story before you take the plunge.

About Spiritual Warfare.jpeg
About Spiritual Warfare

The western world, and especially the American church, tends to not talk much about spiritual warfare, but we probably should. We talk about the kinds of spiritual warfare, what the Bible says about it, its history in the church, and what believers can and should do to protect themselves.

Understanding the Trinity.jpeg
Understanding the Trinity

Understanding the trinity is a concept that many of us, whether we are new believers or long-term Christians, know we believe but struggle to understand. And if we are attempting to explain the trinity to someone, it does not always go so well. In this book we attempt to unravel the mystery, and present the Biblical truths about the trinity.

About the Reformation.jpeg
About the Reformation

Other than the first century birth and explosive growth of the church, the Reformation was the period that most impacted the Christianity most of us practice today. In this book we discuss the reasons for it, the key events and key players that ignited and led the Reformation.

Charles Spurgeon.jpeg
Heroes of the Faith- Charles Spurgeon

In this new series we will be writing biographies of some of the giants of our faith. WE have elected o begun the series by writing about Charles Spurgeon. Known as the Prince of Preachers, Spurgeon was know for his eloquent yet plain speaking style as well as an astonishing work ethic.

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